Why is Selvage Denim better than Conventional Denim

Q:What is Selvedge denim ?

Q:Why is it more expensive than other normal denim?

selvage denim - superior class

A:  Selvedge denim is a high premium fabric, made in a traditional way of weaving. Produced on a traditional shuttle looms, which weave the fabric with one continuous thread. This thread goes back and forth during the weaving process, so the weft loops back into the edge of the denim and creates its "self edge" or selvedge, an edge that cannot fray.

Compared with common method using projectile looms, shuttle looms produce high quality denim. During the 1950s projectile looms replaced the traditional shuttle looms, because these produce the fabric faster and wider (60 inches or wider). Projectile looms use individual threads for each weft weave, which results in frayed edges and a denim of lower quality. Producing traditional denim on vintage shuttle looms is more time consuming and the fabric width is limited to 30 inches, more expensive. However the method of using a single thread produces a tighter weave that results in a superior strength fabric that is built to last. It is only through this process a highest quality of denim can be achieved.

Traditionally, the denim made on shuttle looms is so narrow, that 3 yards are required to make a pair of jeans. Projectile looms only require 1.5 yards for a pair of jeans. The characteristics of selvedge, denim jeans are tightly woven, and heavy weight fabric, as well as the red thread in selvedge, which can be seen when the jeans are turned up. Edwin jeans recently launched a rainbow selvedge which was a unique three colour selvedge edge. Each pair is a unique product, the fabric is irregular by nature, which produces a unique over time which is impossible to create artificially.

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