Terminology - Fit Guide

We use many terms to describe how the garment fit. To simplify things please read below:

Skinny Fit - A very tight fit item which will suit someone who is slim build looking for an extra fitted look from the clothing.

Slim Fit - A fitted item that will fit close to the body and be more shaped , overall look will be tight and suited for athletic builds

Tailored Fit - Similar to a regular fit but will be tailored around the sides or back to show off a shape suited for the muscular builds. Usually termed with blazers and shirts.

Regular Fit - This will be a looser fit item with a less shapely look. Suited for any person who doesn't like clothes too close to the body and likes extra room to move in his clothes.

Loose Fit -This will be a very baggy item that comes over sized than the size suggested. For example if the label states Medium it will fit more like one size up. Suited for those who like an oversized look from their clothing or may need a baggy fit for maximum room.