Edwin Jeans How to maintain your pair

Unwashed Edwin Jeans:

This is a Unwashed EDWIN selvage product, we recommend that you take the time to rinse

your jeans (That means no soap or detergent just plain water) before your start to wear them.
Failure to do so could lead to discolouration on to your clothing, skin and light coloured surfaces.

Before Your First wash:

Before washing your pair of Edwin Denims, we suggest that you try and make your selvage

denim unique to yourself. Wear them for as long as possible usually most selvage lovers

would wear them for 6 months before giving them their first proper wash. 

We know that it can get a bit smelly so here are some tips to keep them fresh.

On a Selvage denim forum we read sticking them in the freezer over night can help get rid

of bacteria that develops overtime, then hang to dry ,if you choose this method then make

sure you turn inside out case incase the colour bleeds in the freezer. A more suitable idea

suggested by another forum member was to let them breath outside in the sun, or use an

odur neutraliser spray.

It is a unique partnership between you and your jeans, the charcteristics of wear depend

upon your particular regime and lifestyle. If you keep to this your jeans will be

unique to you alone.

Time to wash your Edwin Jeans:

*It is important to turn them inside out and wash them separately.

*Try and use NO, or little amount of washing powder, without bleaching agent.

*Wash on a hand or delicate cycle to be sure that only Dirt and excess dye is removed.

*After wash, let pants hang to dry correct way out, naturally.