RM Williams


R.M. Williams has been in existence for over nine decades and to this day, it still represents quality, comfort, style and exceptional craftsmanship. Here at Stuarts London, we stock the comfort craftsman, Comfort Turnout, Tobacco Craftsman and Chinchilla craftsman.

The Start


The brand was originally founded by RM Williams himself, an Australian bushman and entrepreneur who elevated to become a hugely successful businessman. In 1923, aged just 15, RM decided to pack up all his belongings and head for a new life in the outback. He took to the outback immediately and began to set up a happy and fulfilled life there. Although he was having to work countless jobs to get by, all the skills of these roles held him in good sted for life and taught him some of the most valuable lessons of his whole career. 

“Life, as I came to know it, revolved round feeding the horses, preparing them for work and making the implements they were to haul.” 

However, when the Great Depression hit, the work soon became non existent. He had to head back to Adelaide in hope of finding work so he could live. There, he met his wife Thelma and started a family. No matter how happy he had become in the city, the outback was forever calling his name. After years of hard work, he finally got his first success when he sold saddles to a group of cattle stations. This success then allowed him to finally set up shop, albeit in his father’s shed, it was still a place for him to sell his creations. Interestingly, this starting point still exists and hosts the Out Back Heritage Museum for R.M Williams.


By the 1950’s the company continued to innovate to not only be known for the best riding boots, but also for quality hats and clothing. Following all the continued success throughout generations, by the 70’s the business expanded to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. After years of significant success, RM decided to place the company under ownership of his long time friend Ken Cowley. Although the company had shifted, the roots stayed prominent and the success did not stop. In fact, the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton, is inaugurated in a pair of R.M.Williams boots that same year.


The Legacy


In 2003, RM passes away, aged 95. He was honoured with a state funeral for all his work within the industry and the incredible legacy he has left behind for future generations. With the guidance of Cowley, the company is still steering through success with a retail network of 50 stores and selected retailers.  

With the passing of its original founder, the company has only continued to carry the core values RM first instilled into the company all those years ago.

Each season, the brand continues to deliver an array of styles and exceptional quality boots fit for all around the world. If you are after a boot with a rich heritage, incredible story and faultless quality – be sure to take a look at the latest RM Williams boots. 


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