Polaroid and Stranger Things…


We all love snapping memories on our phones, but ever thought about upping your camera game with a Polaroid camera?

Not only can you get instant photos of what you are up to, it also gives a real vintage edge to your shots that can last forever. It is a novelty that has been going since 1926 when Edwin H. Lands daughter asked her father who had previously designed and patented application for polarizers that reduce headlight glare, if she could have photos of her holiday that would last forever. Not one to shy from a challenge, the first instant camera was born. This camera later on became a huge phenomenon and still to this day is highly sort after.

polaroid timeline

The Polaroid brand continued to innovate their technologies and later created colour instant prints and unique more compact designs. To this day, the brand has not stopped innovating and being creative. However, they have always retained the same values from the start, being able to give people their memories in hand to last forever.

Most recently, the brand has released a collaboration with the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. In the limited edition collab you can expect to see colourful and bold designs in the prints as well as unique touches to the old school 1977 OneStep Camera. The camera is actually upside down, playing on the themes of the show whilst ensuring practicality and function is better than ever.

Polaroid and Stranger Things Collab

From the collaboration, 16 films have also been released to match with the OneStep2 i-Type Camera. 16 uniquebold and colourful frames perfect for your Summer snaps. You can purchase the films in packs of 8, so it is not guaranteed which designs you will get your hands on – which just adds to the excitement of the latest collaboration.

This collab is set to drop Monday, so make sure to check back in our latest arrivals Monday to get your hands on the limited edition collaboration of Polaroid and Stranger Things.

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