Baracuta Original G9 Harrington Jacket

Happiness is in the detail !

Going strong since 1937 - Baracuta is an amazing brand... let's say that again - an amazing "iconic" brand. Not many people know this but if it wasn't for Baracuta we wouldn't have ever been graced with a Harrington jacket at all.  Harrington jacket as we know it today is not the first name given to this style. Originally called the G9 Slim fit, the word Harrington comes from a role played by Ryan O'Neil in Peyton Place , an American sitcom from 1964. O'Neil played a character called Rodney Harrington. Such was the popularity of the show - O'Neils jacket became very desirable to the viewers all across USA, along the way Baracuta G9 lost its name and was dubbed the Harrington Jacket. Worn by the likes of Steve McQueen, Elvis, Frank Sinatra and in more recent times the latest James Bond Daniel Craig, it's no wonder this jacket is a style that will never go out of fashion. Even today as before the G9 and G4 styles are all handmade in England, using only luxury woven fabrics made in Italy. 


' The Iconic G9 Baracuta is still made in England'