Norwegian Method:

- Two rows of stitching that steadfastly hold together the leather upper, the welt and the sole guarantee that the shoes will be waterproof.
- A technique that assures comfort and strength.
- A cork filling between the leather insole and the sole to assure maximum comfort and breathability.
- The possibility of resoling permits a long life for the shoes.

Good Year Construction:

- A leather insole
- Waterproof construction
- A beech arch support
- A cork filling for maximum comfort and absorption.
- One row of stitching visible and one row hidden internally.

Maximise the life of the shoes by resoling.

The origins of Richard -Pontvert go back to the beginning of the 20th Century, in a small workshop in Izeaux in the Isere region of France. Remy Richard-Pontvert, who named the company, returns from a visit to the USA in 1926 with "overboots"- rubber covers that Americans used to protect their shoes in rainy weather. This gave him the idea to commercialise the rubber soled shoe using the latex being imported directly from the port of Para, in Brazil. He pioneered his own formula for the composition of the rubber, thus the brand "Paraboot" was born.

"The Paraboot" is one of the legendary products forever associated with France, alongside Vuarent spectacles, cartier rings, leRouge baiser, Lacoste shirts, Louis Vuitton luggage..... 

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